What’s the difference between old school runescape and Runescape Game

As a MMORPG, RuneScape has built some history and records in the river of the online games. Thus because RuneScape, Old School RuneScape specifically, has had a huge fan base and online following that has made the game hit some major milestones in the gaming realm.


RuneScape, the Old School version has an impressive gameplay that has rivalled its counterparts over the years. As a player, your presence in the game is in the form of an avatar, which you can fully customize, even in stuff, like the specific skills your character performs in the game. Afterwards, you go ahead to explore the huge realm of Gielinor, which has loads of places and cities within it, where you can go on quests of your own making. Enough completed quests earns you XP, which gets you higher up the Leaderboards. There’s a true sense of personal achievement right there.

However, ever since RuneScape was upgraded to RS2 and RS3, there has been a significantly less-following in these upgrades, due to considerable differences between Old School RuneScape and the new RuneScape. And if you take a moment and really not-think about it, there is a huge difference between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape. It’s safe to say that the notable changes the game has gone through, have left a good and bad experience, which makes fans favor the Old School Version over the relatively new RuneScape version, and vice versa. With that said, what’s the difference between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape? Let’s break it down.

The Graphics and interface differences


In a nutshell, RuneScape has way better graphics than the Old School version. Better graphics means the gameplay is enhanced to some degree, and that’s because you don’t have to tolerate huge-pixeled avatars, which are more of objects than the people they are supposed to represent. At least, with improved graphics in RuneScape, everything in the game is visually appealing, thus the enhanced gameplay experience. The same goes to the interface; Old School RuneScape barely had an interface beyond the mere left and right click options. With RuneScape, However, the interface is, simply, better.

The Game content

Perhaps the first notable difference, if you have played both of these games, is the content difference, which is needless to say, quite huge. Old School RuneScape remains loyal to its simple nature, with manageable content. The new RuneScape, on the other hand, subtlety is not something the game is familiar with; spammed updates introduce new gaming content that is overwhelming to players, to say the least. It is impossible to keep track of the game if you stay offline for some time. However, it’s not to say the content in RuneScape is bad; the characters in the game do have comprehensive backstories, and what not. But it’s just too much.

The combat is another major difference. Since RuneScape introduced Evolution of Combat, the individual character combat has improved, and is actually better than in the Old School version. Before then, the combat relied on over-clicking the buttons until your character killed an opponent. Now, even if the combat heavily relies on spammed core combat skills, there is less clicking.

The quality of gameplay

Due to some key differences here and there, the gameplay has also had a significant change between the two games. Putting it as simply as possible, the Old School version has a way more entertaining gameplay than the latter; you have to go on quests to actually earn XP and OSRS gold, which unlike in RuneScape, XP points can be bought and earned easily. This heavily lowers the overall quality of the gameplay, and that is why fans like the thrill and the nostalgia of the Old School version. At least, here, there is a sense of accomplishment.

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Why Players You Need Get More Madden Mobile Coins?


Do you want a better gaming experience with Madden NFL? No game lover can dispute the fact that Madden NFL is a fantastic football video game series. The series gets annual versions, and the latest being Madden NFL 18. The games feature superior gameplay, playbooks, and voice commentary and player stats. Madden requires players to be skillful and witty. A newcomer might not get the best gaming experience without a little boost from Madden mobile coins. The same goes for experienced players who want to unlock multiple levels of the games.

Below are reasons why I recommend you to buy Madden Mobile coins.

Leverage for beginners leverage

Finding the right players for your team costs money. Though it is possible to make coins in the game the procedure is slow and laborious. Then again every different version of the game comes with new and advanced features as well, so things you did to earn extra coins in the previous version might not work well for you in the latest versions. Then let’s also not forget that there are beginners who have never played this game since it was incepted. First-time players need to win, and that is where Madden mobile coins come in.

Usually, newcomers find it hard to secure even a single winning against an experienced gamer. This sucks the thrill out of the game. With legit mobile coins, you can unlock any player you want in order build a stronger and winning team. Without the coins, you will have to ensure long hours of hard work to create a good team profile. Save yourself the time with Madden mobile coins

Makes gaming more fun and interesting

You cannot advance in the Madden games without winning. The Madden NFL 18, for instance, features levels such as the Longshot, the Competitive and the Ultimate Team. Each new level comes with new exciting challenges. Madden mobile coins will enable you to improve your game performance so that you can unlock new leagues and also championships. For each new level that you open, you’ll get rewarded with specific bonuses that will further improve your experience.

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PUBG skins price plummeted 20% after Tencent announced they will agency PUBG at China market

If anyone asks you, 2017, the hottest PC Game is that, I believe PUBG is the only answer. This has won countless honors and countless game records, but this game has not yet officially started operations in the Chinese market. For such a hot game, several large Chinese online game operators have extended their own olive branch. A few days ago Tencent officially announced that it has won the PUBG game exclusive rights to operate in mainland China.

PUBG STEAM China area price is RMB 98, but PUBG skins can trade in the steam market. Due to the popularity of the game, the price of PUBG skins has been high. Many players by trading PUBG skins but get a higher economic returns after they have purchased of the game. But we playmobilegame.com to tell everyone a bad news: PUBG skins plunged 20% after Tencent announced they received the exclusive agency of PUBG game in China. If you are interested to see Tencent’s official news, you can click here.

Tencent announced they received the exclusive agency of PUBG game in China

Many players through the third-party platform to complete the transaction, so buy pubg skins also get a lower price. However, according to the observation of playmobilegame, the third-party platform skins prices fell about 20%. For example about the Bandana, a platform at 22 noon price of RMB 5600, plunged to RMB 4500 at 2 pm; white skirt dropped from RMB 2500 to RMB 1800; black skirt fell from RMB 1650 to RMB 1230.



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A quick guide of how to download and play NBA LIVE mobile game


If you enjoy playing mobile games, then you will definitely enjoy playing NBA LIVE mobile game for Android and IOS mobile platforms. NBA LIVE is a fascinating game that has caused a buzz all around the internet. It is a game that allows you to play on a one-on-one basis with opponent basket ball teams and achieve rank and enter into the champion level. You wont just get enough of this game, you might even play it the whole night. The game maker has ensured a next generation of gaming experience provided just at the fingertips.

Here is a quick guide of how to download and play NBA LIVE mobile game:

Download the app free on Google play store for android device users and the App store for IOS device users. After a few minutes of downloading, the application will automatically install itself. Installation will take mere seconds to finish. You can connect to play with your friends and compete in different game modes through online play. Play the league mode, the street modes and many other mode plays in the game.

Download NBA live Mobile game:



Little guide for play NBA LIVE mobile game:

In the game you will need to build your own team of five players, and if you want make a strong team you need buy NBA live coins which is the fastest way to collect the coins in the game. You will practice a few tackles and advance techniques to rise up and become a skills champion. The skill set mode allows to train and become better before you move on to play against other teams in a league. You have to strive to move up the rank in a slow but steady manner and if you are good at the game, your team will become the team that others strive to defeat. In the latest version of the game, you have to login to the mobile game and practice to become a skill champion.


Show off you basketball gaming skills in the live challenges where you can compete with your friends certain challenges and be the best among them. Playing against your friends is really exciting let alone the fact that you can win and score points, then rise up the board in the wide-world rank. The game has new challenges everyday and you can stay fresh in the live events.

What makes the game really addicting is its level of interactivity. You can play the game from many perspectives.Choose players with a high rating to increase the overall strength of your team. You can decide and pick your best NBA superstars from the past and the present to make a strong and elite team. Play against your opponents and triumph over them in a 5-on-5 round. Be the general manager of your NBA team, win and dominate in most plays and slowly rise up in the team rankings. Win coins and unlock packs to take your team to the next level of the game. A great play. Make the shots like its your job!!

Simply put, this game is amazing. Awesome graphics yet not bulk when it comes to download and size and is even better when you start playing it. It looks and play great. You wont be disappointed if you download the game. Once it is on your phone, it will be hard to put the phone down.

View the NBA live pro plays:

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The Best Football Video Game – FIFA 18

There are many video games for different sports designed and developed by different companies. One of the huge companies responsible for video game design and development is EA Sports. EA has some of the best video games for sports such as car racing. However, the company really takes the lead in football with Fifa. Fifa has different versions, the latest update being Fifa 18. As the development of the game continues, there are aspects that make it the best football video game. So why say Fifa 18 is the best football video game? Well, I have had a chance to play the game and a few key aspects came up. By the way, mmorog offer the cheap FIFA 18 coins to make you get a good start for this game.

what about fifa 18

Why we say FIFA 18 is the best football video game?

  • Development ❤❤❤❤

The design and development of the game is precise. Precision in the development of the game means that it might even be a bit difficult to tell whether it is a game or a real-life game with real players. Once the game players get hold of their joysticks, they simulate the same moves and tricks that real players use in the real games. This sets the game apart from the competitor games, making it the best.

  • Platforms ❤❤❤❤❤

Video game platforms such as PS and Xbox are required for most video games. Fifa 18 is available for these two platforms. In addition to these, the game is available for PCs, which makes it available for almost any video game fanatic. When you play the game on a computer, an Xbox, or a PS (whichever version), you get the same video and sound quality. Therefore, it does not deteriorate in terms of quality depending on the platform.

  • Real-life updates ❤❤❤❤

The players in real life have different ratings. These ratings define the best striker, best club, best team, best goalkeeper, and even the best defenders. These differences continuously change as the players make certain changes such as club transfers, or even as they age. EA Sports has these updates made in each new version of the game. For instance, in Fifa 18, Christiano Ronaldo, popularly known as CR7, is the best player. These goes hand in hand with the real life situation, which means that the game is more than a video game. It brings out the aspect of a real life game simulation right to your screen.

  • Player options ❤❤❤❤

Video game players have different preferences. There are people who prefer to play matches to see who has the best skills and tricks. These are Vs matches, which are available for any two clubs or national teams. Others prefer to choose a club, make transfers, and manage their way to the top of their respective leagues. These games are management games, which are also very entertaining, especially for people who do not have opponents with whom to compete. You can also choose to select a certain player and manage them. All these different playing modes are readily available for the video game players’ preferences. Once you decide on your preferred game mode, you are ready to go.

  • Price ❤❤❤

This game is readily available in all countries at a very affordable cost. Once you visit the EA Sports website, you have the chance to make a one-time purchase on your preferred version of the game.

By the way, of all the football games in the video game market, Fifa 18 takes the lead thanks to the high quality graphics and the realism in the game.

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NBA 2K18 overview and new features for players

The new installment of the NBA game franchise, the 2K18 game title will launch this fall. NBA game enthusiasts have many reasons to be excited about, as the NBA 2k18 game new features promise to be outstanding.

The two companies involved, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts, have both shared other details since they have revealed this game title. It is announced that the NBA 2K18 game title will be launched on the same day on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. A common launch date is great news for all NBA gaming franchise enthusiasts. This means that everybody can get the best cards in MyTeam and exchange tips and advice on how to master the NBA 2K18 game new features.

If they decide to buy a bit earlier, there is also possible to play several days ahead of the official release. For the versions of the game that are more expensive, Legend Edition Gold and Legend Edition, Shaquille O’Neal is the one chosen to be the cover star. The standard edition will have Kyrie Irving as its cover athlete. The release date of the NBA 2K18 game has been recently confirmed for September 19th by 2K Sports.

NBA 2k18 game new features

The two companies involved, 2K Games and Visual Concepts, have not yet revealed officially any NBA 2K18 game new features. However, tech and gaming experts speculate about the NBA 2K18 features bases on who is the title’s producer.

Credit for production in the past has gone to various culture figures that made a significant contribution to the soundtrack of the game or MyCareer. For instance, MyCareer story in NBA 2K17 game tile was written by Aaron Covington, and that’s why his name made it on the game’s cover.

nba 2k18 new cover

Artists Pharrell and Jay-Z made design and musical contributions to other game versions. They were awarded production credit for editions that came with new throwbacks and soundtracks for the basketball culture.

Consoles that will get the game

NBA 2K18 will be released on the Nintendo Switch. According to Nintendo, that particular release will include must-have features such as MyCareer. It is still unclear what the other game features will be implemented on the Nintendo Switch, because it is known that the console’s processing power is less than on the PS4 and Xbox One. Visual Concepts may be forced to leave out certain features due to less power. For players, if you want get NBA 2k18 coins after the game has been released you can pay more attention to mmorog.com

The game will also come on the PS4 and Xbox One. It is not clear yet if gamers will enjoy higher quality visuals on the PS3 Pro and Xbox One X. As we all remember, among the first games to support on the Xbox One S with HDR the enhanced color contrast feature was included NBA 2K17.

nba 2k18 preorder bonus

PS3 and Xbox 360 will support their own versions of the NBA 2K18 game. However, if you are looking for the best gaming experience, it is not recommended to buy them. Since some games in the sports category only have their new features implemented on PS4 and Xbox, we don’t know if this won’t also be the case with this title.

Trade-in offers and deals for NBA 2K18

Some NBA 2K18 deals are already available. When they pre-order, The Gamers Club at Best Buy and Amazon Prime subscribers are entitled to a discount on the NBA 2K18 game. If you buy the game on a disc, those services offer for any new games 20 percent off. Best Buy and Target sometimes offer store credit for pre-orders. More deals are expected to come soon.

nba 2k18 legend edtion includes

Useful links:

official site for game details:https://www.2k.com/games/nba-2k18

nba 2k18 on playstation store for preoder: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/nba-2k18/cid=UP1001-CUSA08500_00-NBA2K18000000000

preorder nba 2k18 for your xbox: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/nba-2k18

buy nba 2k18 mt coins: https://www.mmorog.com/nba-2k-mt/nba-2k18-mt

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Rocket League Guide For Newbies

Rocket League is a game that you can’t stop playing. For newbies, it is a good idea to look for tips and tricks that will give you a handle of some of the basic concepts. The first thing that you need to understand is that Rocket League is a game of football but with rocket powered vehicles. If you know the fundamentals of football, then you are in a better place to understand the fundamentals of Rocket League. In this Rocket League newbies guide, you will learn tips and tricks needed to be successful in this game.

how to play rocket league

Master The Game’s Tutorial
The game has a basic and advanced tutorial. Mastering the tutorial gives you a cutting edge over your opponents. Make sure that you master the moves. After going through it follow it up with a goalie, striker, and aerial training.

Learn The Controls
Its default game controls are not difficult to master. You can customize them if you want. Do research on how to remap your controls for the best results. It is better to learn this early enough so that you easily learn how to do a barrel roll and boost at the same time.

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Get More Real-The Madden NFL 18 New Features and Changes

What about Madden 18? The main thing to convey about Madden 18 is that this game’s advances move it closer to a real football experience, which is really the whole idea behind a simulated game. Those who have never played a video sports game or have not played a simulated football game in a long time could well be surprised by what Madden 18 has to offer.

madden 18 new features

In an article by Forbes contributor Brian Mazique called “’Madden 18’ News: 30 Things We Knew about the Game after E3 Week”, he describes both news updates on the game in addition to the captivating new technologies.

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Play FIFA 18 better you need pay more attentions to FIFA 18 coins

Just as the game of football keeps evolving, so is the computer football game, FIFA. FIFA Ultimate series is a largely popular game and come September, FIFA 18 will be released. Between now and then, is time to stock your FIFA 18 coins to enable you to join the FIFA Ultimate team. The coins are a different type of virtual online currency of the add-on FIFA game. Players will use the coins as tokens for barter between themselves.

fifa 18

Why You Need To Get FIFA 18 coins

When you have more coins, you have the power to buy high-quality players online. You can also play with some of the best players in this kind of game. When this is the case, your odds of winning are high since you are using players with remarkable skills, unlike your opponents. Things get better with the fact that once you win, you get bonus coins or player packs improving your team’s capabilities and thus giving you an edge over your opponents. 

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All you want know about FIFA 18- Release date, Platforms, Modes and Features

The EA Company has confirmed the release of FIFA 18 with all new characters and storylines. FIFA game releases have always had a tremendous global impact to the gaming community since time immemorial. This is because FIFA has become more than just a game. For most people, it is considered to be an event or even way of life. FIFA 18 is sure to get most soccer fans excited to the core as it is simply amazing. It promises to be much larger in comparison to FIFA 17. The most notable aspect that the game will have is that it will tell a compelling story of each and every player and it will be told in a manner that will transcend football stardom to a whole new level. This is to say that FIFA 18 will be yet another iconic series in the franchise.


fifa 18 new features
There is a lot of information about FIFA 18 release date and game features on the internet, some of the reliable news include the following:

Release date
The release date for FIFA 18 is likely to first come out for countries like USA and UK. Similarly, the pre-orders can be first got from these countries and it estimated at about £49.99. It is expected to be released on 26 September 2017 in the UK. It is always customary for the FIFA series to be released on Tuesdays and FIFA 18 will not be an exception. However, this date is yet to be confirmed. For more details about fifa 18 you can click here to see at gamespot.

It is believed that FIFA 18 will be available in each and every gaming platform that exists i.e. xbox one, xbox 360, ps3 and ps4. EA also announced on 13th January 2017 that there will be a Nintendo Switch version of the highly anticipated FIFA 18. Furthermore, Nintendo Japan ran an advert awhile back for the Switch and it seemingly includes a footage of FIFA 18. It is also expected to be available at the launch of Xbox’s Project Scorpio that is expected to be released during the Christmas of 2017.

There is an official FIFA app that is available on different platforms that interested individuals can conveniently download the game and play in their leisure time. Such platforms include any PC, iOS and Android phones. The app contains each and every series of football and it comes packed with all the features from the beginning to the end.

Story mode

fifa 18 game mode details
EA Company has confirmed to FIFA fans the existence of Journey Season Two. This will go a step further from the engaging and enjoyable single player story mode which allowed players to fully live the life of professional football players. This Journey mode is highly valued by most fans and that is why it has been received as great news. However, it is still unclear if Alex Hunter will return. The Journey is very popular as 10 million players experienced it in FIFA 17.

Cover star

cover star vote for fifa 18
EA Sports has seemingly left the decision of selecting the cover star to the FIFA fans.

The above insightful information about FIFA 18 release date and game features just shows how amazing it is. Pre-order it and mark your calendars today as September is not that far off!

Thanks for the MMOROG provide with the source of FIFA 18 informations! We recommend you come to mmorog to enjoy the FIFA 18 coins with the best service from them.

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