An insight of the characters of Rocket League


With every football game introduced to the world, a new hype and research start about the statistics of the game and rocket league is no different. There are different aspects of the game starting from the characters, items you can collect, game plays, devices to play on and why you should play the game at all. Now, the characters play an essential role in every game since they are the ones who make or break the game. In this article we will discuss the players and how you can unlock them:

About the Rocket League Game:

Rocket league offers you with two set of games that you can select from while playing i.e. a football game or a car racing game. The game was created under Psyonix and then developed for different devices. It is a cross-platform game which gives the player a chance to experience the best graphics, arena, characters etc. In this game, one has to create two teams and then have a proper battle where one can customize several elements. The game has made several changes from the time it was first released and thus made updates that are making people play this all the time.


There are different characters to every single game and characters are what makes these games great. Now, with rocket league, the main character is the sweet teeth or tooth which makes this game so wonderful. This character is a very evil character that just landed into this game from another game and you need to understand it’s very hard to defeat. The character is introduced in rocket league after you have played some really tough levels since then you can stand a chance against it. But even to defeat the character you need to know how to first unlock it:


How to unlock Sweet Tooth:

This is a hard task to complete but you have to unlock the character in order to defeat it properly. Sweet tooth is a car with wheels that can kill is a character that is actually terrifying but necessary for you in your gameplay. You have to firstly win a single round with the different vehicles present and then you can unlock it. Every time you win a season or a level it gets added to your list of victories and thus you move forward. Your mode of playing is not very important but winning the levels is. The sweet tooth character is generally not very active but since it is a cross-platform game it comes around.


This is another important aspect that this game has to offer you with i.e. the crates. The rocket league crates are several different weapons, items, wheels, and bombs etc that are important for achieving success. There are various different types of the main crates that you can purchase after you have unlocked the Manage Inventory, for which you need a key. Buying crates on the Internet is also a viable option. Of course we recommend that you choose a reliable website like MMOROG for rocket league trading.

To know more about the game in detail you can always search online and visit their official website. The game will offer you with the best experience if you are a fan of cars or football either.

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