PUBG skins price plummeted 20% after Tencent announced they will agency PUBG at China market

If anyone asks you, 2017, the hottest PC Game is that, I believe PUBG is the only answer. This has won countless honors and countless game records, but this game has not yet officially started operations in the Chinese market. For such a hot game, several large Chinese online game operators have extended their own olive branch. A few days ago Tencent officially announced that it has won the PUBG game exclusive rights to operate in mainland China.

PUBG STEAM China area price is RMB 98, but PUBG skins can trade in the steam market. Due to the popularity of the game, the price of PUBG skins has been high. Many players by trading PUBG skins but get a higher economic returns after they have purchased of the game. But we to tell everyone a bad news: PUBG skins plunged 20% after Tencent announced they received the exclusive agency of PUBG game in China. If you are interested to see Tencent’s official news, you can click here.

Tencent announced they received the exclusive agency of PUBG game in China

Many players through the third-party platform to complete the transaction, so buy pubg skins also get a lower price. However, according to the observation of playmobilegame, the third-party platform skins prices fell about 20%. For example about the Bandana, a platform at 22 noon price of RMB 5600, plunged to RMB 4500 at 2 pm; white skirt dropped from RMB 2500 to RMB 1800; black skirt fell from RMB 1650 to RMB 1230.



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