How Rocket league has become gamer’s favourite


The game Rocket league is basically the predecessor of the famous game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. Both the games are basically designed that players will be controlling a rocket can and they have to hit the ball and land it to their opponent’s goal post. Whichever team scores the most number of goals at the end of the match wins. The car of the players has special abilities like jumping which help the players to score goals. Most of the matches of Rocket league are basically five minutes long and after the match, all the players are ranked on their game.

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An insight of the characters of Rocket League


With every football game introduced to the world, a new hype and research start about the statistics of the game and rocket league is no different. There are different aspects of the game starting from the characters, items you can collect, game plays, devices to play on and why you should play the game at all. Now, the characters play an essential role in every game since they are the ones who make or break the game. In this article we will discuss the players and how you can unlock them:

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Rocket League Guide For Newbies

Rocket League is a game that you can’t stop playing. For newbies, it is a good idea to look for tips and tricks that will give you a handle of some of the basic concepts. The first thing that you need to understand is that Rocket League is a game of football but with rocket powered vehicles. If you know the fundamentals of football, then you are in a better place to understand the fundamentals of Rocket League. In this Rocket League newbies guide, you will learn tips and tricks needed to be successful in this game.

how to play rocket league

Master The Game’s Tutorial
The game has a basic and advanced tutorial. Mastering the tutorial gives you a cutting edge over your opponents. Make sure that you master the moves. After going through it follow it up with a goalie, striker, and aerial training.

Learn The Controls
Its default game controls are not difficult to master. You can customize them if you want. Do research on how to remap your controls for the best results. It is better to learn this early enough so that you easily learn how to do a barrel roll and boost at the same time.

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