Dofus Touch game review and how to play Dofus Touch on your PC

dofus touch mobile game

The MMO industry is in a continuous development. If 10 years ago we couldn’t even hope for a mobile device MMO, today is a total normality. The mobile supported MMOs are in a constant improvement of both graphics and game play. They are gaining more and more users everyday because they are extremely engaging and simple to play. Another big advantage is the accessibility. You only need a smartphone / tablet and an internet connection. One great example of the mobile operated MMOs is Dofus. This game had around 30 millions players worldwide. Dofus was firstly launched on PC platform, but it was than ported to the most popular mobile platforms: iOS and Android.


Dofus Touch Mobile Game Review:

According to the developers, Dofus Touch will be a totally different game than its PC predecessor. Basically, this game is an animated RPG, and its game play is based on different fights between the players, in some very interactive maps. You have a wide selection of characters and you can choose your hero from 15 existing classes. The point of the game is to develop your character and your items, so you will become stronger and defeat your enemies. In order to fight the other players, you will need lots of movement and action points. Gathering the loot is incredibly fun and it will enjoy exploring this amazing, well-animated universe.

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Another interesting feature of Dofus Touch is the presence of the Gathering and Crafting Skills. However, the equipment will provide some random stats, which most of the time are not enough. In order to solve this problem, you can mage your items, but this will not guarantee some better stats for your items. The process is fully random and you can obtain better or worse stats, depending on your luck. If you’re extremely lucky, you can add some extra bonuses like intelligence, strength and many other.

dofus-touch-game-review-2The Dofus Touch universe is extremely wide, and you won’t get bored exploring it. You can wander through endless dungeons, Wabbit island Darkness and many others. Don’t worry about your device space. You don’t have to download the whole game at once, and you can do it as you start advancing into it.

This game is set in an animated universe, making you think that you’re about to play some kind of fairytale game. However, the game requires a very complex strategy and a very hard work if you want to reach the higher levels. The bosses are very hard to defeat, and in order to do that, you need a proper equipment and a good strategy. Besides keeping you busy, Dofus Touch will also challenge your mind and will always make you think to new strategies and tactics. Unlike the original PC game, Dofus Touch is free to play and if you want, you can buy certain items or benefits from their shop, but is not mandatory.

We hope that our Dofus touch game review was useful for you, and you will give this amazing game a chance. Their game play is extremely engaging and you will simply fall in love with the characters. Just check their website and start playing Dofus touch.


How to play Dofus Touch Mobile Game on your PC?

1:Emulator to play this game from PC

The first and foremost point to remember in this regard is that you will require Emulator for playing this game from PC. This game is basically meant to be played on mobile devices. Hence, you will require the Emulator that will enable you to access the game from personal computers. However, you require keeping in mind a point here. The game speed drops to some extent while players play the game on PC. This point comes up from the reviews of the players that had tried playing the game on their personal computers. Likewise, the installation of the Emulator will let you incur some additional expenses. However, considering the pleasure in the gaming session, you would probably don’t mind this drop in game speed as well as the additional expenses to get the Emulator.

useful emulator for this game:


2:Download and Install the game

Once you have installed the Emulator on your PC, it is the time to download the game. You can get the game right from the play store. The downloading of the game requires you a few clicks of the buttons. The downloading gets completed within the minimal span of time. You can synchronize the setting and application, signing in with your Gmail account.

You can come to officail site to download this game app: and you can find this game at google play too.

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3:The system requirements

While discussing the key steps for playing this game on PC, it requires a discussion on the aspect of system requirements. Good to say, you can play the games on PCs with Windows & MAC operating system. For Windows users, you should have the Windows 7 or further advanced versions. As general requirements for playing games from PC, your system should have a good deal of available space in the hard disk. Ideally, you should use the gaming PCs that can speed up the gaming speed.

dofus-touch-game-android-reviewOnce the game gets downloaded and installed successfully, you will find an Icon on your PC. You require accessing the game subsequently, clicking on this icon. Remember, in the course of downloading the game, you will be asked to download yet another application, titled as Crosswalk Project Runtime. You can complete downloading the game, only after downloading this application successfully.

Even if this game is not ideally optimized for PC, still, accessing the game on PC with the aid of Emulator you can still make a lot of entertainment. The availability of the PC version of this game will largely boost the demand for it. It is because, even the mass that does not use smart phones, can play this game through the PC. Thus, the launch of the PC version will significantly boost the popularity of this game. Download the game and expect for superlative entertainment in the course of the gaming sessions.