Rocket League Guide For Newbies

Rocket League is a game that you can’t stop playing. For newbies, it is a good idea to look for tips and tricks that will give you a handle of some of the basic concepts. The first thing that you need to understand is that Rocket League is a game of football but with rocket powered vehicles. If you know the fundamentals of football, then you are in a better place to understand the fundamentals of Rocket League. In this Rocket League newbies guide, you will learn tips and tricks needed to be successful in this game.

how to play rocket league

Master The Game’s Tutorial
The game has a basic and advanced tutorial. Mastering the tutorial gives you a cutting edge over your opponents. Make sure that you master the moves. After going through it follow it up with a goalie, striker, and aerial training.

Learn The Controls
Its default game controls are not difficult to master. You can customize them if you want. Do research on how to remap your controls for the best results. It is better to learn this early enough so that you easily learn how to do a barrel roll and boost at the same time.

rocket league tips

Don’t Send The Ball Towards Your Net
Most rookies like back passing so that another player can make a clearance. Most of the time the ball goes in the wrong direction. It results in an own goal or a tap in from the opponents.

Don’t Ball Rush
You do not need to be involved in every single play. Football is not played by all the players chasing the ball at the same time. You don’t play rocket league this way either. Make use of the big pitch. If two or three players are contesting for the ball, do not get in there. Let them contest for the ball. Drive to an open space and wait. Piling in the same spot leaves you vulnerable to counter attacks.

Cross The Ball
Crossing is an important part in Rocket League just like in football. Good things happen when you send the ball into the box. Crossing increases your chances of scoring a goal. You never know, your teammate could be in the box and put in a tap in.

Play Defense
Most players overlook defending especially during faceoffs. There is no shame in defending. A game is made up of both attacking and defending. When the game starts, pay attention to the distribution of players. You get points for clearing well the ball.

rocket league newbie guide

Play The Ball Not Player
Although it is sometimes effective when you bump into an opponent, always play the ball. Bumping into the player pushes them away and interrupts their shooting line. if you take out one player, there will be two more opponents added. This is why you should strive to play the ball.

Trust Your Teammates
Just like in football, this game is a team game. You can not perform well if you do everything alone. Know the role of each player and adjust them accordingly.

Use The Second Camera Option
The game has two camera options. Use the second option. The first option follows your car like in the race games. The second one links the car view and the ball. You must be aware of what is going on around you and that is why the second option is a better option.

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The tips discussed above will improve your performance. They will help you come to come out victorious every time that you are on the field.

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