A quick guide of how to download and play NBA LIVE mobile game


If you enjoy playing mobile games, then you will definitely enjoy playing NBA LIVE mobile game for Android and IOS mobile platforms. NBA LIVE is a fascinating game that has caused a buzz all around the internet. It is a game that allows you to play on a one-on-one basis with opponent basket ball teams and achieve rank and enter into the champion level. You wont just get enough of this game, you might even play it the whole night. The game maker has ensured a next generation of gaming experience provided just at the fingertips.

Here is a quick guide of how to download and play NBA LIVE mobile game:

Download the app free on Google play store for android device users and the App store for IOS device users. After a few minutes of downloading, the application will automatically install itself. Installation will take mere seconds to finish. You can connect to play with your friends and compete in different game modes through online play. Play the league mode, the street modes and many other mode plays in the game.

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Little guide for play NBA LIVE mobile game:

In the game you will need to build your own team of five players, and if you want make a strong team you need buy NBA live coins which is the fastest way to collect the coins in the game. You will practice a few tackles and advance techniques to rise up and become a skills champion. The skill set mode allows to train and become better before you move on to play against other teams in a league. You have to strive to move up the rank in a slow but steady manner and if you are good at the game, your team will become the team that others strive to defeat. In the latest version of the game, you have to login to the mobile game and practice to become a skill champion.


Show off you basketball gaming skills in the live challenges where you can compete with your friends certain challenges and be the best among them. Playing against your friends is really exciting let alone the fact that you can win and score points, then rise up the board in the wide-world rank. The game has new challenges everyday and you can stay fresh in the live events.

What makes the game really addicting is its level of interactivity. You can play the game from many perspectives.Choose players with a high rating to increase the overall strength of your team. You can decide and pick your best NBA superstars from the past and the present to make a strong and elite team. Play against your opponents and triumph over them in a 5-on-5 round. Be the general manager of your NBA team, win and dominate in most plays and slowly rise up in the team rankings. Win coins and unlock packs to take your team to the next level of the game. A great play. Make the shots like its your job!!

Simply put, this game is amazing. Awesome graphics yet not bulk when it comes to download and size and is even better when you start playing it. It looks and play great. You wont be disappointed if you download the game. Once it is on your phone, it will be hard to put the phone down.

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