Simple way to make you know how to play Madden NFL 17 Mobile


Madden NFL 17 is a fun and thrilling game to play. Unfortunately, a majority of enthusiasts are yet to get the hang on how to play the game. Below is a detailed guide on how you can play the game:

how to play madden nfl 17


Managing the Clock 

The difference between winning and losing a game is how you manage the clock. The game is divided into four quarters with small breaks in-between them. Every team has a total of three timeouts for every half of the game.

If you have a good lead on the opponent by the second half, it will be wise to hand the ball off to run down the clock. In case your defense is good, keep running the ball. If the opponent begins catching up to you, take a few shots down the field. The point is to suffocate the clock as much as possible.

On the other hand, if it is you trying to catch up with an opposing team in the second half, try to gain a good field position. It is foolhardy to run the ball here; however, if your offensive line and halfback are okay, then there is no problem. Desist from wasting time and try making successful pushes down the field.

Well, passing the ball has its attendant risks- but it is worth it because if the pass is complete, the time will stop. Running the ball isn’t the best idea when you are trying to catch up with an opponent as doing so will force the clock to run; therefore, it is prudent to consider alternate ways to go down the field. If you make a complete pass, get out-of-bounds quickly to stop the clock.  By the way you can come to mmorog to buy madden mobile coins with cheap price.

It is not necessary to manage the clock in the first half unless the opponent is schooling you. And if that is the case, try to save as much time as possible to help you close the gap before second half.

Carefully read the safety

madden nfl 17 tipsNever, ever throw an interception deep down the field, and the best way to avoid that is to read the safety and throw the ball further away from him. In a game of football, there are two safeties: they sit in the back of defense or line up in the middle of the field. The job of the safeties is to read the quarterback and accordingly make a play on the ball- be it breaking up a pass, making a tackle, intercepting the ball, or blitzing the quarterback.

The safety is usually circled in red. Read his every move whenever you snap the ball. Before throwing the ball to, say, green, ensure the safety has broken away from him first. If the safety covers the receiver you intended to throw the ball to, dismiss the initial target and search for another.

But if you are running the ball, don’t worry about the safety- just keep an eye on him. If he gets out of the secondary, watch out for a blitz.

For starters, this short guide should help you to learn the ropes quickly and become more adept at the game. There is more you’ll learn as you continue to play.

About Madden NFL 17

Football is a strategy game built exclusively on actions and reactions. Therefore, you need to know the best defensive and offensive plays within different scenarios to be a better player. Most players refer to playbooks when on the field to get instant ideas on how to play. By using the game guide, players can master each team’s playbook and use that knowledge against other opponents, especially on online gaming. It is quite satisfying to learn on your own through trial and error, but Madden guide is a solid option if you are short of time or need to get quickly used to your team’s play style.


The latest Madden guide has new, exciting features for a greater gaming experience. The guide features bonus fantasy football content, expert game strategies, draft success, and new mode analysis to help you build and master your team. Another noticeable feature is the Madden mobile Getting Started Guide that will give you guidelines on how to play the game’s mobile version.

A great game for football fans:

Get expert tips on how to create a winning fantasy football team.

Dominate Madden NFL 17 by learning all of the best moves on and off the field.

Assemble the ultimate team with specifics on information, draft tips, and play styles for all teams.

Play scouting reports, call diagrams, schedules, depth charts, key players, and more to improve your game.

Complete coverage of latest game modes.


The guide also offers valuable information on the basics of Madden Ultimate Team. For overall Madden experience, you need to learn how to create a competitive team to defeat opponents. Furthermore, choosing the right players in the right positions might be a very daunting task if you do not understand how this game mode works. The Madden Ultimate Team was introduced to players a few years ago and you may not understand how it works until you read the Madden guide. This guide will also offer you additional information and tips on how to explore this mode if you are interested in it.

The Madden NFL 17 Official Strategy Guide is definitely worth to buy if you are a football enthusiast and you wish to master the latest gameplay aesthetics efficiently and in less time. To outsmart your opponents, you need to study playbooks to have a general understanding of how the Madden Ultimate Team works. Pick up the Madden guide today and get off on the right foot putting together a game-winning drive in no time.

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