The Best Football Video Game – FIFA 18

There are many video games for different sports designed and developed by different companies. One of the huge companies responsible for video game design and development is EA Sports. EA has some of the best video games for sports such as car racing. However, the company really takes the lead in football with Fifa. Fifa has different versions, the latest update being Fifa 18. As the development of the game continues, there are aspects that make it the best football video game. So why say Fifa 18 is the best football video game? Well, I have had a chance to play the game and a few key aspects came up. By the way, mmorog offer the cheap FIFA 18 coins to make you get a good start for this game.

what about fifa 18

Why we say FIFA 18 is the best football video game?

  • Development ❤❤❤❤

The design and development of the game is precise. Precision in the development of the game means that it might even be a bit difficult to tell whether it is a game or a real-life game with real players. Once the game players get hold of their joysticks, they simulate the same moves and tricks that real players use in the real games. This sets the game apart from the competitor games, making it the best.

  • Platforms ❤❤❤❤❤

Video game platforms such as PS and Xbox are required for most video games. Fifa 18 is available for these two platforms. In addition to these, the game is available for PCs, which makes it available for almost any video game fanatic. When you play the game on a computer, an Xbox, or a PS (whichever version), you get the same video and sound quality. Therefore, it does not deteriorate in terms of quality depending on the platform.

  • Real-life updates ❤❤❤❤

The players in real life have different ratings. These ratings define the best striker, best club, best team, best goalkeeper, and even the best defenders. These differences continuously change as the players make certain changes such as club transfers, or even as they age. EA Sports has these updates made in each new version of the game. For instance, in Fifa 18, Christiano Ronaldo, popularly known as CR7, is the best player. These goes hand in hand with the real life situation, which means that the game is more than a video game. It brings out the aspect of a real life game simulation right to your screen.

  • Player options ❤❤❤❤

Video game players have different preferences. There are people who prefer to play matches to see who has the best skills and tricks. These are Vs matches, which are available for any two clubs or national teams. Others prefer to choose a club, make transfers, and manage their way to the top of their respective leagues. These games are management games, which are also very entertaining, especially for people who do not have opponents with whom to compete. You can also choose to select a certain player and manage them. All these different playing modes are readily available for the video game players’ preferences. Once you decide on your preferred game mode, you are ready to go.

  • Price ❤❤❤

This game is readily available in all countries at a very affordable cost. Once you visit the EA Sports website, you have the chance to make a one-time purchase on your preferred version of the game.

By the way, of all the football games in the video game market, Fifa 18 takes the lead thanks to the high quality graphics and the realism in the game.

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