The FIFA 17 Journey Tips and Tricks to Make You Get Win


One of the great additions to FIFA 17, not to mention innovative one this year is The Journey. Arguably, the ultimate team still seems to be the FIFA’s popular mode, but this the Journey addition undoubtedly proves to be a real contender in future iterations. In this article, are tips and tricks to help you go through The Journey as you player as a young player, Alex Hunter.


It is up to you to as the game player to control his life on and off the pitch and ensure he complete the ultimate glory and reach the successes of his grandfather, a legend on the Premier League. If you approach the mode the right way, and you have the patience to progress, you are bound to complete the glory. Before sharing the guide on how to go about The Journey, here are few things you might need to know.

Skills traits 

Throughout The Journey, certain traits will help improve certain skills, while other grants the character specific skills. Each level, Alex is granted some skills points, which of course improve certain traits; therefore, it is important to keep on training and playing.


You can choose any premium league club; however, the marketing materials are primarily focused on Manchester United. Also, you might need to be prepared to loan out to the 3three championship clubs Villa, New Castle, and Norwich City) during your career.


The entire experience revolves around the balancing act between the manager and the fans. You might impress the fans, which gives you access to different cut and sponsorship deals scenes but with a bad relationship with the manager, you have very few chances of appearing in the match. If you find a sweet spot, the Journey ought to last; otherwise, it will end long before you even start.

Tips and tricks to The Journey 


Exit Trials 

Before starting The Journey, you will need to pick your favorite league club then together; you will need to success in trials and make it to pro. Here you will need to

• Be in the Top 11 of players in a practice match

• Top 10 after training sessions

• Must finish top 10 in the final practice match

fifa-17-the-journey-guideYou might want to choose the right position; you can make a choice between attacking midfielder, striker or any winger. Attacking midfielder might be your best bet since you can play in other different positions. You can also choose a striker as more obviously means better chances of growth. The most important thing is that you need to touch the ball as many times as possible if you really want to get anywhere. It is imperative to remain active regardless of the position you choose, but again, you do not want to force passes, take bad shots or over-call for a ball. Be careful of defense; do whatever you have to do to release the ball away from defense especially when the opposition is attacking. Learn more fifa 17 tips and get more fifa 17 coins just follow this site.

Not much here can affect the progress once you reach the Premier League, but you might not want to keep on replaying exit trials, which you might find yourself doing if you fail to meet objectives.

Picking a club

Fortunately or unfortunately, The Journey is built on six clubs in mind. You might want to think pragmatically when choosing the club, but whichever the club make sure your likelyhood of success is high. You might choose a big team, which of course will mean more money and maybe greater likelihood of success, but you must expect to play less time.

During Training 

Soon after to pick a club, you will have to hit the track; this is where your relationship with teammates matters. Remember, being new, you might expect to start on the bench especially if you choose a big club, but this should not deter you in any way. Training is also a chance to mend the wrong foot you might have crossed with the manager, but at this juncture, you must be willing to train hard.

Your first match

You first match largely determines the kind of player you are going to be, and this can set a good or a bad tone to the manager, so you might want to complete the objective established by him.

Grinding out to the championship 

Once relegated to the championship, you will need to grind out to climb back into the majors. You might need to do your best in training using all the three required trials at a drill and try to avoid simulations as much as you can.

These are just a few tips and tricks can be used for referencing; however, if you have better ideas, do not hesitate to use them as long as they help reach the ultimate goal.