What’s the difference between old school runescape and Runescape Game

As a MMORPG, RuneScape has built some history and records in the river of the online games. Thus because RuneScape, Old School RuneScape specifically, has had a huge fan base and online following that has made the game hit some major milestones in the gaming realm.


RuneScape, the Old School version has an impressive gameplay that has rivalled its counterparts over the years. As a player, your presence in the game is in the form of an avatar, which you can fully customize, even in stuff, like the specific skills your character performs in the game. Afterwards, you go ahead to explore the huge realm of Gielinor, which has loads of places and cities within it, where you can go on quests of your own making. Enough completed quests earns you XP, which gets you higher up the Leaderboards. There’s a true sense of personal achievement right there.

However, ever since RuneScape was upgraded to RS2 and RS3, there has been a significantly less-following in these upgrades, due to considerable differences between Old School RuneScape and the new RuneScape. And if you take a moment and really not-think about it, there is a huge difference between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape. It’s safe to say that the notable changes the game has gone through, have left a good and bad experience, which makes fans favor the Old School Version over the relatively new RuneScape version, and vice versa. With that said, what’s the difference between Old School RuneScape and RuneScape? Let’s break it down.

The Graphics and interface differences


In a nutshell, RuneScape has way better graphics than the Old School version. Better graphics means the gameplay is enhanced to some degree, and that’s because you don’t have to tolerate huge-pixeled avatars, which are more of objects than the people they are supposed to represent. At least, with improved graphics in RuneScape, everything in the game is visually appealing, thus the enhanced gameplay experience. The same goes to the interface; Old School RuneScape barely had an interface beyond the mere left and right click options. With RuneScape, However, the interface is, simply, better.

The Game content

Perhaps the first notable difference, if you have played both of these games, is the content difference, which is needless to say, quite huge. Old School RuneScape remains loyal to its simple nature, with manageable content. The new RuneScape, on the other hand, subtlety is not something the game is familiar with; spammed updates introduce new gaming content that is overwhelming to players, to say the least. It is impossible to keep track of the game if you stay offline for some time. However, it’s not to say the content in RuneScape is bad; the characters in the game do have comprehensive backstories, and what not. But it’s just too much.

The combat is another major difference. Since RuneScape introduced Evolution of Combat, the individual character combat has improved, and is actually better than in the Old School version. Before then, the combat relied on over-clicking the buttons until your character killed an opponent. Now, even if the combat heavily relies on spammed core combat skills, there is less clicking.

The quality of gameplay

Due to some key differences here and there, the gameplay has also had a significant change between the two games. Putting it as simply as possible, the Old School version has a way more entertaining gameplay than the latter; you have to go on quests to actually earn XP and OSRS gold, which unlike in RuneScape, XP points can be bought and earned easily. This heavily lowers the overall quality of the gameplay, and that is why fans like the thrill and the nostalgia of the Old School version. At least, here, there is a sense of accomplishment.

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